Massey Shaw crew on board


Our members support the on-going work of the Trust both financially and in the decision making process as we seek to further expand the reach and engagement of our projects.

Members have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and help elect new directors to the Board of Directors.

We send a 'Massey Messenger' newsletter with exclusive news and details about 'members only' events on board Massey and the opportunity to gain new skills through our training program. 

How do I become a member?

If you would like to support the Trust as a member please download, print and fill out the form below.

Send your completed details to the address on the form with your membership payment. Or, complete the form and email

Membership fees

Our memberships fees go directly to the Trust to help fund our projects and maintain Massey Shaw.

  • Student - £10.00 pear year
  • Concessions - £10.00 pear year
  • Adult - £20.00 pear year
  • Overseas - £30.00 pear year
  • Corporate - £100.00 pear year
  • Lifetime - £200.00

If you would like to make additional donations please visit our donate page.