Media team on Massey Shaw


As we seek to collate our archive material and keep a log of events and the history of Massey Shaw going forward video is playing a vital role. 

We try to video pumping displays, events and more when we can. You will also see that Massey starred in the popular Salvage Squad TV show (View Youtube playlist).

If you would like to film on board or put together a piece about this historic London fireboat please contact us.

Watch it burn - Great fire of London

Sep 4, 2016

On Sunday 4th September an enormous structure representing the 17th century London skyline was set alight as it floats on the river Thames. London 1666 commemorates the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London and is designed by artist David Best, in collaboration with Artichoke. Part of the London’s Burning Festival.

Dunkirk Return 2015

May 15, 2015

A video of the Return to Dunkirk in 2015 with the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships from Ramsgate to Dunkirk.

Massey Shaw Open Day

Aug 22, 2015

London fireboat Massey Shaw ran out the hose and fired up its engines to pump water at West India Dock for its open day on 22nd August 2015.

Massey Shaw pumping display in Dunkirk

May 23, 2015

With perfect weather the volunteer crew of Massey Shaw fired up the engines and pumped some water in the dock at Dunkirk (Dunkirque, France). Taking people on board to have a go and drumming up a crowd of spectators with the rest of the 'Little Ships'.

Massey Shaw Relaunch - Time lapse video down River Thames

Apr 30, 2015

Watch a short time lapse video of Massey Shaw leaving West India Dock and travelling down the Thames to it's relaunch event at the Westminster Boating Base, London.

Massey Shaw fireboat pumping display - London Boat Show 2014

Jan 20, 2014

London fireboat Massey Shaw was honoured to attend the London Boat Show 2014 at the Heritage Pier. Over the week long event Massey fired up her Glennifer engines and put on numerous pumping displays to the public. The societies educational drama was also performed within the main arena on a daily basis.

Massey Shaw returned to London waters

Dec 15, 2013

We were so proud to be lowering her back into London waters where she belongs after the tireless work from the Society, it's contractors and volunteers. We would like to thank everyone involved for their time and effort.

Massey Shaw Engine Testing

Jul 5, 2012

Testing the port marine engine at Gardner Marine Engines, Canterbury. Testing included running the engine at various speeds and putting it under load with a dynometer to test its efficiency and power range.

Lifting Massey Shaw Fireboat

Apr 9, 2011

In March 2011 the historic vessell Massey Shaw was lifted from South Dock Marina in London, UK. It was transported to Gloucester where it will complete its final restoration. Ready to be returned to the Thames in Spring 2012.

Salvage Squad Revisited - Massey Shaw

Dec 1, 2010

Claire from Salvage Squad goes back to Massey Shaw to see how Massey is getting on.

Thames News story

Feb 27, 1985

Published on Wed 27 Feb 1985 (Not 100% on the date!) shows Massey Shaw pumping outside Parliament and an interviews with volunteers.

Thames News - Massey Shaw sinking 1987

Sep 2, 1987

Footage of Massey Shaw fireboat sunk near Westminster (near London Fire Brigade River Service Pontoon)

British Pathe - News in a nutshell

May 21, 1935

Cowes, Isle of Wight. M/S of fire float 'Massey Shaw', new from London County Council, floating on the water. M/S of crew attaching hoses to pumps, M/S as they pump water hundreds of feet into the air. Various shots of the huge jets, M/S of the vessel.

Launch of Massey Shaw (1935) British Pathe

May 20, 1935

Material surrounding the launch of the London fire boat - 'Massey Shaw'. N.B. Item found in Unidentified Gazettes reel. Presumably from 1930s Gazettes.