Massey Shaw volunteers


The quickest and easiest way to donate is through our Virgin Money Giving page which allows you to make one-off donations and regular monthly donations.

Donate here

This system also claims the Gift Aid on our behalf (if you are UK taxpayer).

Or if you wish to donate via cheque please contact us and select "Donate by cheque" from the options.

Help to stabalise our cash flow with a monthly donation to the Society. We have regular out goings (like any business) which must be covered each month. 


  • £5 per month will cover regular out goings for maintenance supplies and resources on board 
  • £15 per month will contribute towards archiving costs, volunteer training and marketing
  • £30 per month will contribute to our educational drama, school resources and printing costs.


Donating individually is a quick and simple way of supporting the Society and can be allocated to specific areas of our work. If you would like to make a one-off donation please see the options below.

Funding areas

  • Education - WWII Drama and school resources
  • Volunteer training - Courses in First Aid, River Safety etc.
  • Archiving - Item storage and exhibitions
  • Events - Fuel, crew costs, insurance
  • Infrastructure - Moorings, Website, IT, email and social media

To donate please visit our Virgin Money Giving page:


Throughout the year we set up a number of dedicated campaigns for specific projects.

This enables donations to go towards a specific project we are organising. Please see our campaigns below and click on the link to donate online.

The 100 Club

In the early days of the Massey Shaw and Marine Vessels Preservation Society, Philip Wray set about establishing initial funding for the society by setting up 'The 100 Club'.

The format was a simple gift of £10 towards the Society which enabled the group to get established and cover basic fees and costs to get everything up and running.

The Society wants to ask its supporters to be part of the 100 Club with a slight twist. We would like to ask for a donation of £100 to join our new 100 Club. You will receive a certificate and we will seek to organise an event for the 100 Club members to thank you for helping us raise this much needed funding to propel the Society forward.


In order to be sustainable and ensure Massey Shaw is maintained for future generations we are seeking sponsorship from a variety of sources.

If your business or organisation would be interested in becoming a sponsor and finding out what opportunities are available please fill out our contact form.

You may also want to consider corporate membership of the Society.