Massey Shaw tours

Access and facilities

Massey Shaw is a unique vessel both in its design and history. Being built in 1935 regulations and health and safety were not as strict as today's standards. 

This does however pose challenges for disabled users and visitors with little mobility on board.

Disabled access

We aim to cater for all and have created a selection of resources and video tours that can be accessed via a tablet device. Unfortunately we do not have facilities to cater for wheelchairs or buggies etc on the vessel itself.

For any visitor who doesn't wish to tackle the ladders/stairs into the lower decks can view photos and videos of these areas. Massey can be seen from the quay side (when moored) but not accessed directly at this time.

Toilet facilities

Massey Shaw still has the original pump action toilet installed on the vessel and when underway this is the only toilet on board. When moored, additional toilet facilities are available, including disabled toilets thanks to our links with the Docklands Scout Project.


Massey Shaw is fitted with drinking water (when moored), however no other refreshments are normally catered for unless previously arranged. We recommend visitors bring refreshments with them or there are various eateries in the local area (Canary Wharf) which we can direct you to. 

Tour App

We have teamed up with iZi Travel to create a guided tour for users with either Android or Apple devices. 

Download our Dunkirk - Operation Dynamo Tour

Download iZi Travel app

Additional languages

Our tour guides speak English only however we do have an information sheet which can be made available in additional languages. Please inform us at least one week before your visit.